Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Beatles Quilt, Prairie Schooler ABC, Book and Magazines for sale

I have been working on my brother's Beatles birthday quilt for the last few weeks. Had to make the deadline or I knew it wouldn't be done til next year. Love those deadlines. Found the pattern in a Fons and Porter magazine but changed it so that I could incorporate all four panels about the Beatles and the design evolved from there. It is about 72" x 72".  I am thrilled with it—as busy as it is. And I learned a lot of piecing techniques too. I'm giving it to him this afternoon. 

For some reason though I have clicked on "center" on all the pics below, they don't seem to center. The Align Left Fairy seems to be involved...

This is the upper left corner so you can see all the various fabrics—all Beatles fabric.

I sliced the panel into fourths and added the borders. Quilted the outside with black thread but used clear monofilament for the panels.

Had some left over Yellow Submarine fabric and other Beatles fabric so I used them on the back. 

This is the back of the quilt. I like to piece my backs with any leftover fabric from the front!

Have been working steadily on this for several hours every night while we watch TV. Wanted to show you my progress. I filled in the sail in "A" on Tuesday at stitch/knit. Am trying to decide what stitch to substitute for half cross on the pie crust in "B." Wished the pattern had called for a lighter blue in the pie plate as 924 just doesn't let the plate design show through. Oh, well. 

I used an upright gobelin stitch on the trees in "C."

Am going to fill in the bee hives with upright gobelin too. Much faster than all those half crosses!

Used an upright gobelin for the corn in "I" and really like the way it turned out—more realistic than half cross or cross. Still have more to do on the stalk on the left. 

Have the bare bones of kitty done. 

Not much left on the rabbit. He is done in half cross/continental/basketweave on 28 count fabric over one thread—half the time and half the size of cross stitch over 2, and I think it covers well. I use 2 strands of DMC floss.


My friend Ruth wants to sell her copy of Louisa F. Pesel's book Historical Designs for Embroidery. It is a paperback with a comb spine. You can make an offer and send it to my email address on the blog. Shipping would be added. 

She also has volumes 1–24 of the magazine Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly. The premier issue Vol. 1 was in 1991. Make an offer for the group and I will add shipping to this cost.

There are 5 older issues of Piecework Magazine sold in a group. Terms same as with the others. 

Now that the Beatles Quilt is finished, I can start on my gardening, etc. I plan to spend the weekend catching up with things around here.  Haven't even bought my annuals yet. Bill does have his tomato plants in the ground, and I have done some sporadic weeding. Of course, I'm already planning my next quilting and needlework projects. Hope to contribute to my blog again over the weekend. Haven't read any books worth recommending though I read every day. Just finished Lark and Termite recommended by our local bookstore as good for book groups. Couldn't figure out the ending which was weird. Off to have lunch and get going on my "catching up." Have a wonderful long weekend. --Nancy


  1. wow now that i have seen your Beatles quilt i need to find some of that fabric. my sister also a Beatles freak would love it. i would probably make a lap quilt since i am a beginner but love what you did.
    the stitched Bunny is too cute.
    i did get my tomatoes in now for the carrots and other goodies. weeding almost done!!YEA

  2. Your Beatles quilt is an amazing piece of art! Where did you find the yellow submarine with the droplets? I cannot find that fabric anywhere! Thanks!

  3. Thank you, Kara. I found that fabric at the large quilt show in Chicago a year ago last April. It was from a shop in MIchigan. The other fabric I had found at Walmart in their sale area several years ago. You might google yellow submarine fabric and see if you can find it.

  4. Thank you, Patti. My brother loves it. Nancy