Saturday, November 16, 2013

Getting Rid of Needlework Books

My two friends, Marcia and Ruth, and I have been cleaning out our vintage needlework books and want to find good homes for these treasures. Do you have a place on your book shelf for a lovely needlework book? I am posting a list here of some of our combined books and magazines. Prices are so low on Amazon that over 40 of our book titles are not worth packing up and sending to you by themselves. We will donate these to the local AAUW (American Association of University Women) book sale for their scholarship fund.
How to price the books? Some are brand new. Others have barely been opened. During the summer we went to and checked out prices so our prices include a $3.99 shipping cost. If you are interested in purchasing any, please email me at soI can send you a .pdf with the titles, prices, descriptions, etc. We will not sell books listed for under $10 individually, but you can combine them with another more expensive book. 
We will send them via USPS media mail which does not take as long as it used to years ago.  
I do take PayPal and would send you an invoice through them. That is easiest. You do not have to have an account with PayPal to use themAny questions, please write. 
2001 Cross Stitch Designs
American Country
An American Sampler
Blue and White in your Home
Bride's Passage
Country Antiques & Collectibles
Country Quilter's Companion
Creative Crafts & Stitchery
English Country Needlepoint
English Garden Embroidery
Gallery of American Samplers
How to Improve your Quilting Stitch
Ladies’ Work Table
Making Things
Needle Arts
Needlework an Historical  Survey
Needlework Doctor
Needlework in America
Noble Beasts—Animals in Art
On Women and Friendship
Open Canvas
Period Pastimes
Plain & Fancy
Private Pages—Diaries of American Women
Sampler of Alphabets
Samplers for Presents
Shaker Life, Work and Art
Show of Hands
Signature in Time
Simple Wisdom
Victorian Embroidery
America's Beautiful Quilts
Creative Needlecraft
Decorative Needlepoint
Domestik Beings
Hooked Rugs
Complete Guide to Needlework
Erica Wilson's Embroidery Book
Labors of Love
Remember the Ladies
Shaker Style
Tasha Tudor's Garden
Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint Canvas
Embroidery Book
Diary of Elizabeth Drinker
The Book of Samplers
Cross Stitch for All Seasons
Danish Pulled Thread Embroidery
Samplers - How to create your own design
Victorian Needlepoint
Encyclopedia of Needlework
Folk Art in American Life
Ohio Samplers
Private World of Tasha Tudor
Embroidery Motifs
In Praise of the Needlewoman
Designing With Collectibles
Christmas Ornaments Magazine
Ruskin Lace & Linen Work
Sampler Engagement Calendar
Samplers & Samplermakers
Bargello - An Explosion in Color
Woodland Threads
Living the Country Life
Shelbourne Antiques
Traditional Samplers
This Have I Done
Ackworth School Engagement calendar
American Samplers
New England Samplers to 1840
Important Costumes, Textiles & Fabric Swatch Books
Samplers Town & Country
Way of Duty
Shaker Textile Arts
American Needlework Treasures
Joan Stephens Collection
British Embroidery
Historical Designs for Embroidery
Point of the Needle
Stitch in Rhyme 
Ornamental & Useful Accomplishments
When This You See Remember Me
Le Livre des Letters
Guide to Needlepoint
Girlhood Embroidery Vol 1 & Vol 2
Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly 
I have been busy this last year with quilting and stitching and family. Am still watching my 2 youngest grandchildren who are now 18 mos. and 3 years old. I keep them on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year. I'm currently working on several needlepoint ornaments that I hope to finish before the Holidays.
This past summer has been one of cleaning out the house where we have lived since 1978. I am trying to be ruthless and have taken several car loads of stuff in my Prius to a local charity. It's amazing how much that little car can hold. I did have a garage sale in July, but it wasn't as successful as I had hoped.
My oldest daughter moved back home last May while she is in the process of pursuing a nursing degree, and I have moved the "computer room" to two different  locations while we all get settled. I am currently trying to figure out where I put my unused checks. I hid them so well that I can't remember where I put them. 
Will try to take some pics of the ornaments that I have been stitching during the last few months. Unfortunately no samplers in the "works in progress" pile...Am trying to finish those projects I think will take the least time so I can get them off my "to do" list. That's the list that never ends. Hope you can find a book you would like to have.


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