Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My mom had her hip replacement surgery on Monday though it was delayed 6 hours because no one had told either her or my brother or me that she should have taken 1/2 her insulin dosage that morning. All we heard was no medications. Any way, the surgery went well—1-1/2 hours and we were able to see her that night after her time in recovery. They had her up walking and sitting yesterday and will challenge her to go farther today. We also found out about a more aggressive rehab place nearby that will encourage her to get back to normal faster. She is not one for sitting around. At 88 she played golf last summer. On the way home from the hospital I checked out an antiques mall that I had been wanting to see. Nothing very exciting there. What I would love to find is a pencil post bed either single or full-size. Saw one in Early American Life magazine one time and fell in love with it. Saw some on ebay but the shipping would have been more than the price of the bed frame.

Embroiderers' Guild of America (EGA) Correspondence Course—

This sampler was designed by Ilsa Altherr and was a group correspondence course. I stitched it on linen with  DMC floss. I love stitching pieces that have different kinds of stitches and techniques. When the piece was finished, it was mailed to Ilsa and she critiqued it. We received a written critique which is nice to see and helps one learn more from an expert.


This sampler was adapted from one that was in an issue of the old Treasures in Needlework magazine. I remember adding more whitework at the bottom in addition to what was charted. This was stitched with DMC floss on linen. I like to hem my sides as the original samplers were hemmed. These two samplers are hanging in my dining room. 


Quite a few years ago my reproduction samplers were juried into the Early American Homes magazine's craftsman issue. My Graue Mill Sampler appeared on the cover of the magazine along with other "crafts." 


This sampler has neither name nor date stitched on it. It was given to the Graue Mill and Museum. We reproduced this sampler on 30 count linen. It is still available as a chart.

These are photos of the mill...and not very good ones. It is located in Hinsdale, Illinois, on Salt Creek and was a grist mill. They still mill corn there—for the visitors. It was also on the route of the underground railway. Sorry my photos are so dark—before digital photography.

Don't know if you can see the mill wheel and the rapids in the creek.

 This is the original sampler.

When I went back to retake my photo above, they had sewn the sampler reverse side up to a mat board to show the back of the sampler to the visitors.

A few drags between leaves on the borders but ,all in all, pretty good stitching. Cross stitch only. Actually, it is a relief to have a sampler with NO ALPHABETS!

The sampler had been folded to fit into a large gold frame. I don't know if they'll ever get those folds out as linen can get very brittle.

Because of this exposure in Early American Homes, I was asked to design an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree that is in the Blue Room. We had certain specifications to meet. I designed the sampler below reminiscent of the Ruthy Rogers sampler that I had seen in books. After I designed the sampler, I printed out a color page of the exact size of what my ornament would be. I taped it above a doorway at one end of my kitchen so I could see it from afar. After all, the White House tree is huge. I wanted bold, but patriotic colors. I was happy I did that as you could see my ornament near the top of the tree. 

Photos taken behind glass. I made a duplicate of the ornament for myself and have it framed in an inexpensive stock 8 x 10 frame. It's hanging in my powder room.

Bill and I were able to go to the White House in early December 1999 to see the tree and tour the White House as it was all dolled up for Christmas. It is truely a beautiful home with very high ceilings and beautiful art work and furniture. I think I loved the Red Room the best. We were able to stay as long as we wanted, and we took lots of photos. But wouldn't you have thought that Bill and Hillary would have had some coffee and cookies for us? Nope. Not a drop to drink or a bite to eat. And no Bill or Hillary sitings. 

Since we were so close to Williamsburg, I made my husband take me there. I had always wanted to see Williamsburg at Christmas. The door decorations were wonderful and we had a great time. It was a week or two before the holidays so we had the place almost to ourselves. Same with the museums in DC. We stayed in Alexandria, VA, and loved the restaurants there and the shops. It was a lovely trip that I'll never forget.  

Going to go get ready for yoga. Then off to the hospital to visit my mom this afternoon. Be back in a few days. --Nancy


  1. i didn't know you did yoga? what kind? i also love my yoga been at it for a year now and can hardly believe it. i think with all my sitting a stiching it helps keep me flexiable and happy. just like looking at your blog does. thanks again hope you got my pic of Dutch Beauty!

  2. I love the extra whitework you added to the TIN`s gorgeous! It has been on my 'to do' list for ages...

    I am also curious about the critique you recieved on your EGA course looks perfect to me!!