Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Had hoped to blog yesterday, but after yoga I went over to my daughter's house to help her clean out some of her "stuff." She teaches 6th grade math and social studies and is on spring break. She and her husband moved into their house last fall, and now she is ready to get rid of what she doesn't need or use. I just had to tell her "keep" or "get rid of it." Of course, I came home with things I couldn't part with like the pink and blue kitties that I had as a girl! Really 50's looking.

Museum of Science and Industry Sampler—

This sampler is German dated 1736. The early German ones in this collection were dated with initials but not the name of the stitcher. This sampler was made by AMR. It was appraised in 1939 for $12 and sold at Sotheby's in London in a group of 5 samplers for 1150 pounds. As you read this blog, you will begin to see the similarities in these German samplers. This one was done using mainly cross stitch with a touch of free-form embroidery. It was stitched on 40 count linen with silk thread and measures 13" x 15." The blue crowns probably each represent a different rank in royalty. All 4 sides of the wampler were hemmed. 

I have made this blog a one-column blog so that I can enlarge the photos so you can get your nose right down on the stitches! If you don't like the large pictures, let me know.


This is a large sampler of a large variety of stitches. At the moment I cannot remember the name of the designer.

This isn't all of the blocks but you get the idea. It was a fun project to stitch though it is very large. I used probably 12 count needlepoint canvas with both floss and perle cotton. Loved doing all the different kinds of stitches. The only boring part was the ecru border. I actually got a ganglion cyst on my wrist from pulling out some perle cotton from where it didn't belong in the design. I was up at the lake, and the next morning thought I had a large spider bite, but it was a ganglion cyst. Had it drained once by a doctor, and it came back again.  Later I had an "accident" with one of those large hole punches that punch multiple holes. When I tried to punch through a lot of heavy paper, it sprang up and hit my wrist. The cyst went away never to be seen again. I understand that in the "olden" days that people used to whack the cyst with a family Bible, and you know how big those are! Bye bye cyst!


I must have taken these photos as slides as the third photo showing the back of the sampler should be flipped horizontally, oh well... 

I stitched Hannah on 32 count linen with only 12 colors of floss. It is cross stitch with some half cross and measures 11" x 10" which is a nice small size. Since Hannah did not stitch the name of her town, we do not know where she is from.  This sampler is in a private collection, and I think was purchased at an antique shop years ago. 


Finished them last week. Found some frames but have yet to frame them.

Better go on my walk before the rain starts. Spring has really sprung here in Chicago land. The daffodils are in full glory as are the magnolias. Saw loads of tulips in full bloom in our downtown. Bye for now.

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  1. Hi Nancy I just found your blog today. I have been an admirer of your work for a long time and have quite a number of your patterns. There is one piece above - needlepoint done in the rust tones - that piece is by Jean Hilton called Gleneagle. I have done that piece and love it a lot. It's always nice to see one done as very few appear anywhere.