Friday, December 10, 2010

December 10th

I am trying to be a good blogger and promise to post more often. Thank you for your kind comments on my ABC. I really appreciate them.

Thought I'd continue with my Christmas ornaments from the past.

PETEI NATIVITY SCENE— These were a set of painted canvases by the artist Petei. You can still purchase them. They are on 18 count canvas which is easy to see. I loved stitching them because they are small--maybe 6" tall. My friend Edie Weilemann finished them as standing ornaments for me. The beads/stars were stitched on after the background was finished.



I wanted a seated camel so I looked on the internet for photos/drawings and adapted them to this guy.

The ornament below was a Gail Sirna of Michigan project at my ANG guild probably 20 years ago. I made one for me and for each of my 2 daughters. It is stitched on 24 count congress cloth.

I love hardanger and found this pattern in a magazine. 
Have made loads of them--fast and easy on 19 count linen. 
I use a frame and stitch all the blanket stitch outlines and bars 
and then remove the linen from the frame for cutting.
They are easy to embellish with metallic thread.

This was a design for a Better Homes & Gardens holiday magazine. Don't remember which one. 
I sent them the piece and the graph/instructions and they framed it. 
I think the frame is a bit overwhelming. 
The reindeer is stitched on 40 count silk gauze.

PHOTOS—The reason that I have so many photos of my things is that last year I set up a photo tent from instructions on the internet and started taking pictures of all my "stuff" needlework or not. I even laid a piece of grey felt on my kitchen table under the skylight and photographed ALL my Christmas ornaments, decorations, etc. This way I have a good idea of what I own. Going back and looking at them I realize what a shame it is that I don't have my name or date on many pieces and have no idea when I made them. This year promise yourself that when you go to put away your Xmas stuff, you will take pics with your digital camera and put them into your computer with a separate disc located somewhere else. You will be very happy you did this. And it truely doesn't take much time.

Until the next time...Nancy 

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