Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today I started the first of several lap quilts I hope to make for neighbors. I'm trying to use up fabric I already have in my stash—Xmas/winter fabric. The going is slow as I am trying to figure out all the measurements myself--no pattern. It snowed yesterday and is raining today turning into sleet or snow tonight. Just got back from taking out my dog Murphy and our visiting neighbor Schnauzer, Happy, who is spending the night. Murphy is about 12 so he takes his time. Just started the first Lee Child book, Killing Floor, a Jack Reacher novel. Seems pretty good so far. With the death of one of my favorite authors, Robert B. Parker, last winter, I am looking for a new series to follow. Haven't read anything spectacular this year. We did start a book group in our neighborhood in September, but I have not been enamored by what we have read so far. I ordered a bunch of small Xmas books from our library that I will pick up on Monday after yoga class. They should be a nice diversion—light fare.

Back to the Christmas ornaments/decorations—

This is a large piece that I have framed and bring out in December. I think it was on the cover of a needlepoint magazine. The date looks like 1985. The canvas is left bare for the background.

This is an antique ornament that I inherited from my Aunt Dorothy. I don't know whether or not if it is a family piece because she and my Uncle Frank owned an antiques store in Richmond, IL, long ago. Sorry it's out of focus. Cute though, isn't it?

This tree topper is from my mother's family. It is paper with spun glass around the angel.

Years ago one of my friends from the needlepoint guild designed these ornaments. Of course, I had to buy all of them. They are not finished in a spectacular manner, but I still like them, and they were awfully fun to stitch. As I recall, they are each stretched over a 3" styrofoam ball.

This little tree is battenburg lace. It is a technique that I learned at my Embroiderers Guild of America chapter when I was a member. I am now a member of both EGA and ANG at large. I like the EGA magazine but don't think the ANG one is very good—not much content and so-so projects.

This is a photo of most of my tree from last year. I put it up in the kitchen where I can see it often. It is a narrow one as I don't have a lot of extra room for it. The ornaments are mostly handmade either by me or friends or those I picked up long ago at ornament sales in people's homes.

 Saw these plastic canvas ornaments in a Horchow catalog 30 years ago and made quite a few of them and other designs (snowflakes, trees, ginger bread men, etc.) in my day. Persuaded the other room mothers in my Linda's 5th grade class to stitch them, but, of course, I ended up doing most. Remember seeing them strewn all over the classroom floor in the wake of the holiday party—never again—even plastic canvas.

At EGA we learned smocking—not my cup of tea, but I love to try all kinds of needlework.

Do you remember making these in grade school? It was probably the 3rd grade. This one looks sad but in its day was beautiful!

This is a little painted canvas given to me by my friend Edie. Don't know why I didn't stitch my name in the blank space at the top!

Found this wonderful velveteen Santa suit cheap at a church resale shop several years ago. It is perfect for my husband who volunteers on Tuesdays at the Ecumenical Adult Day Care in town. He purchased a nicer beard last year that cost more than the suit itself! Note the wide "patent leather" belt. He's about 6'2" and makes a great Santa though I had to make a big belly for him since he goes to the YMCA every morning and is actually nice and trim!

Better get back to those quilts...Nancy

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  1. I just found your blog and I have to say I took a trip down memory lane. I use to be big into needlepoint - now its cross stitch, quilting and knitting - and I recognize several projects that I've stitched too. The Petei nativity - I did Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus. And there was an ANG ornament that looks very similiar to one on my tree. Your work is simply beautiful! I started the Prairie Schooler ABC piece but didn't get far. I may start over and do half cross over on thread - it looks great and would be a much smaller piece. Thanks for sharing and happy stitching!