Sunday, March 28, 2010


Have had a busy weekend since Thursday. Time seems to fly. Spent a lot of time on paperwork. Where does it all come from? Took a genealogy class at my local library yesterday morning but it was pretty much worthless as the speaker—a reference librarian—was not very polished or organized and the class was a mix of people who had previously used the library databases to those who could barely navigate a computer. The other night I started a book that sounded interesting—Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. It is a true story and the gal teaches at Hope College in Holland, MI, but somehow I did not like her tone so back to the library it went. Am now reading the latest Barbara Delinsky book Not My Daughter or something like that. It is good and I always enjoy her books. Bill, Alice a friend of ours, and I watched the Michael Jackson video This Is It last night. I had heard it was good and know a friend who saw it twice in the same day. I can't say I loved it but it certainly was interesting to see how they put together a huge show like that. There were 50 sold out concerts around the world for which this show was being prepared. Can't imagine returning all that money. Interesting to study Michael Jackson and wonder why he was so extremely popular around the world. Felt sorry for the poor guy. Loved his dancing.



This English sampler by 12-year-old Mary Sowell is dated March 17, 1711. It on 46 count linen and measures 8" x 16.5". Stitches used are cross, eyelet, double running and satin. The original appraised price was $20. 

One thing that you might find fascinating, and that I don't think I mentioned in a previous post, is that the Museum sold all the samplers except for the two American ones at auction at Sotheby's in London in 1998. Isn't that interesting. In November 1992 I had made a large notebook for them with a photo of each sampler and the pertinent facts about it. My name and phone number were in the front of the notebook; however, they never even notified me of the sale. Why did they sell them in London? In 1998 the estimated catalogue price was 450-600 pounds. The sampler went for 2530 pounds. 

This is a small sampler that I designed for the Hinsdale Embroiderers Guild in 1992. Here it is stitched on Congress Cloth a 24 count needlepoint canvas, but, of course, it can be stitched on linen as well. They wanted a name tag for their members. I included cross, satin, queen, eyelet and other stitches. On 32 count linen over 1 thread it is 3" x 3".


I  have always loved doing all kinds of needlework. I especially love pulled thread. This is a piece taught in 1988 by Sally Simon at my American Needlepoint Guild. It was stitched on Congress Cloth and was a sampler of pulled work/white work stitches and techniques. I did two of them but must not have taken a photo

I stitched another Sally Simon piece I made in 1992. 

I must have been in the pulled thread mood in 1992!

These are rolled in an acid free box. I really should get them framed and hung on the wall except I don't have a lot of wall space left in my house—the reason I'm stitching anything new over 1 thread! Better go. Have to get a quilt finished. Promised myself I'd complete the quilting this weekend. Am practicing techniques on my long arm machine. --Nancy


  1. i love pulled work and yours is fantastic. i have taken one class but i always get so nervous when it comes to pulling or cutting. i love that you are sharing your old and new creations. thanks

  2. Hi Nancy, I'm looking for a copy of the Raspberry Sampler chart you show as a nametag in this post. Is there any way at all possible I could get one directly from you? Please, please, please! Thank you in advance!