Wednesday, March 31, 2010

QUAKER MINIATURE SAMPLERS, a needlepoint canvas, an ETHNIC sampler, etc.

Meant to blog yesterday but ended up spending the afternoon trying to get my various printers to print—with no luck. Over the weekend I had upgraded my Mac operating system to Snow Leopard. Well, this upgrade played havoc with my printers. Finally got one to work this morning by turning it on and also my old Mac G4 computer. It is slow printing but I was able to get something to print off the Mac Intel computer. Hooray! Now to try to get the Intel Mac to print by itself. It is not recognizing the 3 different printers that I have hooked up to it. This gets the old brain working to try to fix the problem.

Also had my Tuesday stitch/group and there were seven of us chatting and working on our projects from 10-12:30 yesterday morning. It is such a nice relaxing time with lots of sharing going on. One of the gals brought some painted canvases that a customer of hers sent her. The customer no longer wanted them. My friend shared them with us, and I chose several. They run the gamut from a huge "tapestry" piece to Venus on a Lily Pad. You'll laugh when you see that one. It is hilarious. Had to pick it out and try it! She is Something—with a capital S!! Maybe I'll start her when I finish the Quaker Gentleman.

Hey, you can't always stitch just samplers...


In stitching my Quaker Gentleman piece, I miscounted in one area and found that I don't have room for a certain motif so I searched through my miniature designs for a substitute and found a nice anchor that I hope will work. In looking at the gauze charts, I saw my 4 miniature Quaker-style samplers and thought I'd show them to you here on my blog. They are really fast to stitch and very satisfying to complete. In 2000 Joan, a friend of mine from Charlotte, NC, asked me to design a miniature Quaker sampler. I took  the challenge and designed my Quaker 2000 sampler. It measures 1.5" x 2". The next year I came out with Quaker 2001. I skipped 2002, but Quaker samplers were growing in popularity so I designed Quaker 2003 (3" x 3") and Quaker 2004. Aren't my names original? Of course, in those years there were not a million Quaker designs out there.



1989 small sampler Xmas stocking


Our Sampler Group that I have told you about once did a group Ethnic Sampler. Each person chose a country and supplied charts of cross stitch pertaining to that country. We did it on a wide piece of linen banding that was probably 25 count as it seems huge. It was a big, fun project. This was also in 1989.

MSI SAMPLER du jour—

SARAH WARD aged 13 in 1721
originally appraised at $12—sold in a group of 2 samplers for 483 pounds
I used to think it was English but now that I look much closer and with more years of learning, I think it is Scottish because she lists the names of her parents, James and Ann Ward and also the initials of probably her siblings as they all have the last name beginning with "W."
cross, eyelet and satin stitches
Note how the silk thread in the satin stitches still shines. 
Remember that the bright blue is the photo stand where I laid the sampler to photograph it.
approximately 49 count linen—8" x 12"

Both carnation and honeysuckle borders


Adorn ThySelf With Grace Prise (sic) Wisdom
More Then (sic) All the Pearls upon the Indian Shore

It's the warmest day this year so far here in Chicagoland. Spent time at yoga class this morning and stopped off at the library. Of course, a million of the books that I had requested over the past weeks all came in for pick up because it is spring break in town. Hope to get some reading done over the weekend. Just finished the new Mitch Alboum (sp?) book about a rabbi and an unusual minister. It's a very nice book that I would recommend. Mitch is called by the rabbi to write his eulogy and he learns a lot about both the man and life in their discussions over 8 years. He meets the Detroit minister through some of his (Mitch's) charities and there is a nice comparison between the two men of God.

Hope spring has come to your neck of the woods! Nancy 

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