Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Had my Tuesday stitch/knit group here this morning. There were 7 of us and we were noisy. Always something to show whether it be a magazine, book, project, etc. We had a grand time. I worked a bit on Quaker gentleman and also cut foam core board for 2 finished pieces in order to frame them. In addition to all the yak yak, we get a lot done at this group and inspire each other to finish projects.


Jane Pawson stitched her sampler in Utterby, Lincolnshire, England in 1803. The tissue paper on the back of this sampler happened not to be attached well, and I was able to check out the very bright colors on the reverse. This sampler is about 15" x 16" and is worked in cross stitch only. The verse is done over 2 threads of the linen so it is perfect for a beginner stitcher.

The house above looks to me like a Swiss chalet though I know it is not!

Look at the bee skep to the left of "Uterby" and the bees buzzing around it. 
There are many variations of strawberries in this sampler, as well as, striped tulips.

This is the reverse of the sampler. 
Now you know why I chose that bright pink for the large carnations and roses.

I stitched this sampler on 28 count sandstone linen.

The last sampler that we reproduced from the Museum of Science and Industry is the Ann Nelson sampler of 1826. Ann stitched her sampler on wool using wool thread though I do not think this is a Scottish sampler.

Ann used square stitch for the top alphabet. There are six eyelet stitches on the sampler plus some back stitch. I almost forgot to mention that little tag at the top left of the sampler. Most of the samplers at the Museum had that tag. It is like one of those old dress price tags with the wire ends. When the samplers were given to the Museum in 1939, each was tagged with the museum accession number and the value of the sampler. I don't think any were valued higher than $50. Jane Pawson below was appraised at $12. Trinie Pieters, the Dutch sampler from a few days ago, was $5. Yes, $5! Ann Nelson was also $5. Sarah Coulthard from a few days ago was $12. 

Look at the faces in the sun and moon!

Ann labeled Adam and Eve so that you would know who was who!

I stitched the model on 28 count sandstone linen with wool Medicis thread. This is a fine wool thread which, I believe, is now discontinued in the US. With the chart I include a conversion chart for DMC. The finished size is 14" x 18". There is no way to trace Ann as she did not stitch either her country or town on her sampler. 

There were many more samplers in the Carrie B. Neely collection at the Museum. I will talk about them in future postings. Thought I might not have enough to talk about, but I have a "zillion" samplers and other pieces of needlework to discuss and show you!

These two are not exactly Adam and Eve, but I did stitch them when I was about 10 in 1956. The centers were preworked and I filled in the background. After I finished, my grandmother took me to down town Marshall Fields to get them framed. I have been trying to get my grand daughters to stitch, but they are not very interested. Too bad. We discussed today at my stitch/knit group how wonderful it is to have friends who like stitching as much as we do. Until next time... Nancy

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